• Solidarity with the Kurdish Struggle in Rojava

  • 07 Oct 14
  • On October 7 a group of Kurdish demonstrators entered the European Parliament to draw attention to the on-going violence in Kurdistan as Islamic State (IS) militants arrive at the Syria-Turkey border town of Kobane.

    The left parliamentary group GUE/NGL solidarised with them. http://www.guengl.eu/news/article/gue-ngl-news/solidarity-with-kobane



    We publish a call by the HDP - Peoples’ Democratic Party in Turkey, from 7 October

    Urgent Call to International Public Opinion! Kobane Canton in North Syria (Rojava) Under Siege by ISIS

    Kobane Canton in North Syria has been resisting against ISIS (Iraq and Sham Islamic State) siege with their heavy arms and military concentration for 21 days. Kobane Canton which directly ruling by Kurdish, Assyrian, Armenian and Arab peoples in a form of a legitimate assembly that a possible model for future of democratic and pluralist Syria.

    Kobane Canton’s legitimate defense organization, YPG and the people almost isolated from four sides including Turkey Border. Due to the ongoing embargo by Turkish Government, Cobane Canton’s armed struggle against ISIS is not possible.

    We as Peoples’ Democratic Party calls international community to urgently take
    necessary steps against ongoing ISIS Siege on Kobane in order to preventing a new massacre.

    We call International Public Opinion to support Rojava Cantons.

    Respectfully yours,

    Selahattin Demirtaş (Co-Chair of HDP)

    Figen Yüksekdağ (Co-Chair of HDP)

     Rojava Map

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