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  • Solidarity Schemes of the “Open City” Municipal Movement

  • 18 Oct 13
  • The multi-purpose Venue for Social Solidarity and Culture of the “Open City” (“Anihti Poli”) municipal movement began its activities on 20 December 2012. It involves two venues:

    a.) The central two-storey venue at 56 Panepistimiou Str., which hosts public art events as well as central schemes of solidarity (school libraries, support for immigrants without documents, food, etc.); and

    b.) The Social Health Centre - Pharmacy of Athens at 33 Kanigos Str., where already 115 doctors and  administrative assistants provide medical help and medicines to Greeks and foreigners alike (about 700 persons per month).

    At the same time, “Open City” supports solidarity centres located at the Neos Kosmos, Kypseli, Plato’s Academy and Thiseio neighbourhoods, which offer essential goods, additional support to school students, culture and medical help. Moreover, solidarity networks are up and running at the Exarcheia, Patisia, Gyzi, Ambelokipoi, Petralona and Koukaki neighbourhoods.

    Finally, the “Open City” participates at the Movement without Intermediaries, a very important initiative that spreads around Greece and connects directly producers and consumers in open-air markets, leading to the lowering of the price (up to 60%) of basic products, and the strengthening of small-scale producers in their efforts to sell their produce.

    All the aforementioned solidarity activities are realised voluntarily by hundreds of individuals and are self-financed. This is why the financial support of all those who believe in the importance of maintaining and broadening such a solidarity network in Athens, a city hit by a humanitarian crisis, is invaluable.


    Bank account number for donations:

    IBAN: GR 8301 1015 5000 0015 5296 21011
    Kalasountas Theodoros
    Multi-Purpose Venue of Social Solidarity and Culture

    +30 210-3802055 (Multi-Purpose Venue of Social Solidarity and Culture)
    +30 210-3802037 (Social Health Centre - Pharmacy)