• Season’s Greetings

  • 17 Dec 21
  • Dear friends and comrades! 

    As this memorable year comes to an end, we hope this holiday finds you healthy and safe and also – even if temporarily and partly – free from the capitalist mode of production, so that you can enjoy the time with your loved ones. 

    Thank you for staying with us over this last year! We look forward to new challenges, strengthening our collaborative work and wish you all the best for 2022!

    We have compiled a list of initiatives working to support refugees and migrants, which you might want to support with your donations:

    • STEPS
    • SOS Balkanroute
    • MEDITERRANEA – Saving Humans



    STAND BY ME LESVOS, founded by locals in 2017, is still active on the Greek island of Lesbos/Lesvos with various projects that support the self-organisation of refugees on the island, in and outside the camps.

    Find out more about Stand By Me Lesvos and follow their daily activities.

    Bank Account
    Piraeus Bank
    Account No. 5709086466501
    IBAN GR4201727090005709086466501

    Click here to make a donation via Paypal.

    STEPS is active in Athens with street-connected people – refugees and migrants as well as locals. They organise mobile washing units and medical and monitoring teams. Find out more about their work here and follow their daily activities.

    Bank Account
    IBAN: GR9002604550000000200297176

    Click here to make a donation via Paypal.

    SOS Balkanroute is an Austrian initiative bringing basic-need goods like clothing and food to migrants and refugees trapped in the western Balkans. Find out more about their work (in German) and follow their activities.

    Bank Account
    IBAN: AT20 2011 1842 8097 8400
    SOS Balkanroute


    WATCH THE MED – ALARMOPHONE, was initiated in October 2014 by activist networks and civil society actors in Europe and Northern Africa. The project established a self-organised hotline for refugees in distress in the Mediterranean Sea. Alarmophone’s main objective is to offer endangered boat people an additional option to make their SOS more visible. The Alarm Phone documents the situation, informs the coastguards, and, when necessary, mobilises additional rescue support in real time. In this way, the organisation can, at least to a certain extent, put pressure on the responsible rescue entities to avert pushbacks and other forms of human-rights violations against refugees and migrants at sea.

    Find out more about Alarmophone and follow their activities and projects on Facebook.

    Bank Account
    EU Account
    Forschungsgesellschaft Flucht & Migration, Sparkasse der Stadt Berlin
    IBAN: DE68 10050000 0610024264
    Donation Reference: Watchthemed Alarm Phone
    For donation receipts, please contact us at: wtm-alarm-phone@antira.info

    Swiss Account
    Verein Watch The Med Alarmphone Schweiz
    PC: 61-172503-0
    IBAN: CH21 0900 0000 6117 2503 0
    When donating from a Swiss account you will automatically receive a receipt. If you have any problems, please contact us at: info@alarmphone.ch

    SEA WATCH has since 2015 been organising search and rescue missions at sea – mainly when national authorities seem reluctant to obey maritime law. They have saved hundreds of lives, despite efforts to criminalise their humanitarian mission. Find out more about Sea Watch and follow their activities and projects.

    Bank Account
    IBAN: DE77 1002 0500 0002 0222 88
    Bank: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft Berlin

    Or via Paypal

    or become a Supporting Member

    MEDITERRANEA – Saving Humans, carries out search and rescue missions at sea, despite criminalisation and violence occurring on the Libyan coast. Mediterranea is a ship funded by Italian civil society. Find out more about Mediterranea and follow their daily activities and projects on Facebook.

    To make a donation, click here.