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  • Quistioni. Magazine of the European Left

  • 25 Mar 21 Posted under: Covid-19 , European Union , The Left
  • The Party of the European Left presents the first issue of its quarterly magazine – with transform! europe's Walter Baier as part of the editorial board.

    Quistioni, referring to the way in which Antonio Gramsci indicated the matters, the problems, aims at creating a space for discussion between those who want to build an alternative to this neo-liberal world. The magazine is published in three languages: English, French and Spanish.


    To read the first issue, click here (PDF, website of the Party of the European Left).



    Table of Contents


    Heinz Bierbaum - The Future of Europe is at stake

    Paolo Ferrero - Changing the world in Covid times


    Walter Baier - Fifty Shades of Brown. Remarks on the fight against the neo-fascist Right

    Marc Botenga - Let' put an end to the multinationals' grip on our health

    Vincent Boulet - In order to change the world at the time of the Covid: establishing popular social and political majorities

    Eva Brenner - Culture, Corona & its Discontents. A critical view of the role of culture in pandemic times

    François D’Agostino - Self-criticism and clear socialist option as a response to the Coronavirus crisis

    Ángel de la Cruz - Fear or confidence: the battle of the bottom line for the working classes in crisis

    Felicity Dowling - A cruel and crooked government

    Bernard Duterme - The four North-South dilemmas of the ecological crisis

    Esquerra Unida i Alternativa - Changing the world in times of Covid

    Tolly Kulczycki - We shall no longer walk alone

    Birgit Mahnkopf - Europe’s path to digital capitalism - leveled by the Covid 19 crisis

    Amelia Martínez-Lobo and Andrea Peniche - The Pandemic Crisis and Its Impact on Women’s Lives

    Catarina Martins - Beyond fear

    Mirko Messner - Some highlights of the situation in Austria in February 2021

    Judit Morva - Competition by low wages within Europe: Viktor Orbán’s Hungary

    Riccardo Petrella - The 'worldwide' vaccination against the Covid-19 pandemic. From hypocrisy about the right to life ("no one will be left behind") to the unscrupulous disappearance of the sovereignty of the people

    Vijay Prashad - Why the World After Covid Will Look Like the World Before Covid

    Enrique Santiago - A new framework for global relations

    Liisa Taskinen - Changing the world in Covid times

    Marilisa Xenogiannakopoulou - Changing the world in the time of Covid

    Gheorghiță Zbăganu - The coronavirus pandemic in neoliberal times. Romanian case


    European Left - The corona crisis and the consequences for European politics

    Adoración Guamán, Guillermo Murcia López, and José Miguel Sánchez Ocaña - Coronavirus, Workers and Precariousness: Challenges for an Exit Based on Strengthening Labour

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