• Resolution of the Party of the European Left on immigration
  • EL requests immediate legal access in Europe to the people fleeing of wars and devastating living conditions

  • 20 Apr 15
  • Too many people have already lost their lives in the Mediterranean sea, more than a thousand this week, which is a major crime against humanity. We need to stop it immediately!

    We reject any attempt to solve the so called “migration problem” by an increased militarisation.

    We demand the ensurance of immediate legal access to European countries for people trying to escape wars and unbearable living conditions.

    The lack of legal and secure ways in reaching and entering Europe facilitates human trafficking, an action that not only traumatises the mere notion of human identity and civilisation, but has also become a most profitable business worldwide and a major threat for the survival of its victims. We demand the immediate abolition of all unfair Dublin regulations.

    Both European Union and every single European government are obliged to respect and implement all international and European Human Rights Conventions they have already signed. After all, European colonisation policies, neoliberal Free Trade Agreements and military interventions in the form of “war against terrorism” are among the key factors leading to the deteriorating conditions  that urge people  leave their homeland, an abominable European legacy that weighs heavily  especially upon Africa, and therefore forces us to change European policies towards people coming from this continent.

    We reject the possibility of xenophobia and racism becoming the pillars of European societies and we fully embrace the universal appeal of international solidarity, justice, equity and respect of human rights.

    Party of the European Left
    19 April 2015