• EL Condemns the Declared Attack of USA and Western Allies Against Syria

  • 29 Aug 13
  • The Party of the European Left (EL) condemns the coming attack of USA and its western allies to Syria for several reasons.

    Our only guideline is the interest of the Syrian population. We condemn all the crimes committed for 2 years against the civilian populations: those of the Assad regime who took the responsibility of the military spiral against the popular movement, and those of the others. The use of chemical weapons is an unacceptable crime. The UN must establish the responsibilities.

    But we are convinced the war will not save any civil life. In the previous cases in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, the use of war as solution to a conflict has worsened the situation. We affirm the supremacy of searching always a diplomatic and peaceful solution to any kind of conflict based on the international laws and international institutions. War will keep a political solution away.

    Moreover there is a real risk of an enlargement of the conflict to the region, taking into account the geopolitical interests of major international powers: USA, Israel, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and several European countries like France and United Kingdom.

    In a global point of view, a reflection must start on the conditions to avoid this kind of world conflict for the future: a new international order must emerge. Co-development and solidarity, common work to respond to the challenges posed to humanity and must replace competition and selfishness.

    For all those reasons we cannot accept that European countries like United Kingdom, France or the European Union itself or by some European political forces are supporting such attack to Syria.

    The European peoples are against the war, as all polls show: 69% of the Germans are against, only 25% are in favor in the UK and 59% of the French are against too.

    Our members parties will, in their respective parliaments, vote against the war and make proposals to relaunch the political process in Syria as well as the demilitarization of the world, beginning by the banning of chemical weapons.

    The EU and our countries can initiate the organization of a roundtable with all parts of the conflict. This is the only way to protect the Syrian population and peoples of the Middle East.

    Party of the European Left

    29 August 2013