• With the Participation of transform! europe
  • Firenze 10+10

  • 24 Oct 12
  • The Forum “Firenze10+10 – Joining forces for another Europe” will be held from 8 to 11 November at Fortezza da Basso in Florence, with the participation of thousands of people from all over Europe. Economists, experts, movements, trade unions, civil society groups and political actors will share experiences and will propose alternatives to the policies that have led Europe into the current crisis.

    The assembly is structured along five key topical areas:

    1. Democracy,
    2. Finance/debt/austerity,
    3. Labour and social rights,
    4. Commons and public services,
    5. Europe in the Mediterranean and the world

    The invitation text states two main goals: “first, give a common answer – joining social forces at a European level – to the crisis and the policies imposed by the EU institutions and the ECB; second, creating alliances for a long term strategy that will allow to build a social Europe, the European citizen’s Europe.”

    Moreover, the invitation outlines as further goals of the assembly: “The presence of attendees coming from different backgrounds such as networks, movements, trade unions, associations and NGOs from various places and of diverse composition should be intended as a search for convergence and a joint effort towards a strong and widespread anti-liberal mobilisation, that will stand as an alternative to the bankers’ Europe, the supremacy of the market, the financial speculations and the Fiscal Compact.”