• International transform! Conference
  • ‘Building Red-Green Alternatives: Can Commons challenge Neoliberalism from below?’

  • 16 Mar 17
  • This is the sixth international conference organized by the Transform!Danmark network, continuing its work to help develop left alternatives in the economic and ecological field.

    The principal focus of this year’s conference will be the issue of ‘Commons’ seen as an integral part of the debate on developing alternatives to growth – and to neoliberalism – and transforming society.

    The ‘Commons’ and the common goods – as for example clean air, water and soil – are today under attack by investments and privatization, and are met by popular movements and pressure from below creating counter-movement and alternatives. The discussion of ‘Commons’ is about the management of our common resources, it is about responsibility for the climate and the planning of our common future.

    The speakers will also focus on the results of the fight against privatization. In relation to the ‘Commons’ we will further include: fracking, the extraction of raw materials, and climate change; we focus on ‘Commons’ as a tool of the trade union movement, and as an alternative in the cooperative movement.

    Registration: kontakt@transformdanmark.dk

    Participation fee (to cover for food and drink during the day): 100 DKK (to be paid in cash at the entrance)

    Organisers: Transform!Danmark in cooperation with the transform! europe network, and supported by Enhedslisten/the Red­Green Alliance, Grobund (left educational association), Det Ny Clarté, Solidaritet, AfrikaKontakt, Kritisk Debat and others.