• Charlie Hebdo Massacre
  • Standing Up Against Hatred and Barbarism

  • By Elisabeth Gauthier | 08 Jan 15
  • Yesterday’s terrorist attack murdered a large part of one of the country’s most famous editorial teams – including five of the most creative artists and cartoonists involved in the satirical newspaper, an economist who has often his critical views represented very efficiently in the media, as well...
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  • PCF: Determination to keep alive the values
  • “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”

  • 08 Jan 15
  • A call is launched to all the Republican forces to unite their forces in front of the Barbary that hit today the CHARLIE HEBDO’s team. The barbaric bloodshed whose victims are the editors of the periodical CHARLIE HEBDO lets us horrified and painful and calls for a powerful answer on national...
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