About transform! europe

transform! europe is a network of 39 European organisations from 23 countries, active in the field of political education and critical scientific analysis, and is the recognised political foundation corresponding to the Party of the European Left (EL).

This cooperative project of independent non-profit organisations, institutes, foundations, and individuals intends to use its work in contributing to peaceful relations among peoples and a transformation of the present world.

Overcoming war, the dominance of capital over labour, social injustice, patriarchy, imperial rule, and militarism, as well as racism, working towards the establishment of an association in which the uninhibited development of each and every person is the condition for the uninhibited development of all shall represent the highest goals of this undertaking. The equality of all people and their solidarity represent the most important values transform! is based on.

Neoliberalism and the policies implemented in its name, particularly austerity, as stipulated by the treaties of Maastricht and Lisbon, the Stability and Growth Pact, etc., have exacerbated the impact of the global financial crisis on European societies, particularly in the Southern and Eastern European EU member states. Moreover, the intransigent dogmatism with which austerity has been imposed has brought the European Union to a political crisis. The view of large parts of society towards Europe today has become much more sceptical than it had been in previous decades.

This represents a political as well as a cultural and intellectual challenge for the radical left which transform! aims to face. Experience has demonstrated that the noble and progressive idea of European unification cannot be asserted in the face of the ubiquitous and growing nationalisms and the far right by uncritically defending the status-quo of the existing European Union.

transform! is committed to critical research on the European Union. It aims at providing spaces for free and unprejudiced discussion of democratic alternatives to pave the way towards a democratically and peacefully united Europe. It unequivocally combats all forms of nationalist, fundamentalist, racist and misogynist ideologies which have arisen with the growth of far right parties and have managed to penetrate to the centre of our societies.

transform! is a pan-European network. Although it receives funds from the European Parliament and the overwhelming majorities of its member and observing organisations are located in the European Union the scope of its activity and political interest reaches beyond it, especially to neighbouring regions of Europe.

The members of the transform! network coordinate their scientific and educational work, cooperatively organise theoretical and educational events and discussions regarding key issues for the democratic left in Europe and the world, and work together on publications and educational materials aimed at an intercontinental dialogue of the left and its scientific and educational institutions.

transform! represents an open network. Any organisation can become a member who shares transform!’s goals and commitments and is able and willing to be actively involved in promoting the ideals and values agreed on by all members.

The Board is elected by the Members’ Assembly for a period of two years.


Heidemarie Ambrosch (Austria)
Anna Nygard (Sweden)
Czesław Kulesza (Poland)
Jiří Málek (Czech Republic)
Hugo Monteiro (Portugal)
Roberto Musacchio (Italy)
Jukka Pietiläinen (Finland) 

Political Coordination

Marga Ferré, Co-President (Spain)
Cornelia Hildebrandt, Co-President (Germany)
Danai Koltsida, Vice President (Greece)
Yann Le Lann, Vice President (France)


Barbara Steiner

Scientific and Strategic Advisor

Haris Golemis