• Report
  • Neoconservative Movements in Slovenia

  • By Nika Kovač , Simon Maljevac | 18 Sep 18
  • The report is analysing neoconservative movement that is focusing on opposing laws of and policies on sexual and reproductive rights in Slovenia. These movements are relying on religious beliefs to mobilize citizens to participate in politics around the ultra-conservative agenda related to family issues, gender, sexuality and reproductive health.
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  • Action Day 15th September
  • Join the Change Finance coalition! With actions on the 15th September

  • 11 Sep 18
  • On September 15th, it will be 10 years since the financial crash when US investment bank Lehman Brothers collapsed - a moment in a chain of events that threatened to destroy our economies and create social chaos. Since global leaders failed to break the status quo, we are now at risk of a more dangerous collapse. See our vision for a change!
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  • A Credible Alternative Project For The Left
  • The Concept of ‘The Common’

  • By Roberto Morea | 08 Aug 18
  • For some years, transform! europe is promoting a research project, networking and exchange of experiences on common goods and proposing a discussion on the political level. A working group meeting was held at the summer uni of EL and transform! in Vienna. Read the result of the discussion, which, hopefully, can open a wider debate and participation
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  • The Variable Geometry of the Left

  • By Walter Baier | 06 Jul 18
  • Despite moderate growth rates, the EU isn’t well. While the social disparities within and between the individual states continue to grow, it has opted for an increase of its military expenditures and tries to make up its obvious lack of internal cohesion with an ever more aggressive policy against migrants and refugees.
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  • EU And East-Europeans. Czech Republic As An Example
  • From Love To Hate

  • By Viera Hudečková | 06 Jul 18
  • An article by Viera Hudečková based on an intervention made at The International Conference “Another EU is necessary and possible” organised by the Party of the European Left on the 12th of May 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria.
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    The 2018 yearbook is online now! Read the interview by Walter Baier with Samir Amin from Nov 2017 here! This volume is appearing one year before the European Parliament elections. Despite moderate economic growth the process of European integration is in political crisis. Our volume is characterised by a critical evaluation of integration as such.

  • Solving Energy Poverty could be one of the biggest achievements of the 21st century. Rising energy costs and falling household incomes make energy poverty a growing concern in the European Union. This means that approximately 11% of the population...



Though May 2019 is not so far, many developments can change the course of the European left during the following months. Political upheavals may turn upside down the various strategies and convergences may pop up.

Can right-wing parties with a nationalist and populist agenda come into power even in the core of the EU? Of which character is the challenge they are posing to the Left?