• Conference report
  • Economic Democracy and Self-Governance in Enterprises

  • 18 Feb 20
  • The conference “Economic democracy and self-governance in enterprise: history, theories, perspectives” can be considered as one of the main arrival points of the project “Democracy as self-government” in 2019, proposed to Transform!Europe by Sinistra XXI, Italian leftist think tank.
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  • Annual Red Books Day

  • 10 Feb 20
  • The International Peoples' Assembly proposes the organization of an international annual Red Books Day on February 21st, the day of the original publishing of the Communist Manifesto.
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  • Defending water as life's most important resource is becoming an increasingly important topic across Europe and the world. The pressures of private interests threaten the availability of drinking water and thus problematize the concept of water as a...

  • Free and Open Source Software as a Laboratory for the Information Paradigm

  • Papers presented and discussed during a workshop in March 2019 at the Nicos Poulatzas Institute, Athens.


Can right-wing parties with a nationalist and populist agenda come into power even in the core of the EU? Of which character is the challenge they are posing to the Left?

This concept of the Common is becoming increasingly meaningful to those who are struggling for a social transformation that coincides with ecological transition. transform! europe aims to support research on the forms of these struggles and their connection to the concept of the Commons.


"The times they 're a-changing"

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