"Cosmopolitan futures. Global activism for a just world."
  • For an institution which has recently moved to its second decade of existence, the time is ripe to undergo a thorough discussion of its future direction. The World Social Forum (WSF) - the great gathering of global justice activists, an inspiration for innumerable people worldwide, even hailed as “the world parliament in exile” in its early days - is in such a point.
    European Union in the Constellation of Neoliberalism
  • Edward Thompson is our finest socialist writer today - certainly in England, possibly in Europe’.1 With this flattering statement 33 years ago Perry Anderson began his monograph on E. P. Thompson Arguments within English Marxism. A fair historical judgment would not hesitate today, particularly...
    Asbjørn Wahl on the Rise and Fall of the Welfare State
  • This book is a manifesto in the best sense of the word. Asbjørn Wahl is already well-known for his studies of socio-political and trade-union issues. Now he is presenting a study dealing with fundamental questions of “the social” in capitalism. It was first published in Norway in 1999, extensively...
    Book Review - Persecution: The Austrian §278a as an Example
  • It is not certain if the attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001 were the kick-off for the rollercoaster ride the financial markets have been on ever since. This careening up- and downhill has triggered upheavals in the entire global economy and serves...
    Bleak Progress
  • On Michael Löwy’s Book "Juifs hétérodoxes, romantisme, messianisme, utopie" (Heterodox Jews, Romanticism, Messianism, Utopia)
    Ernest Mandel Biography
  • Jan Willem Stutje, Ernest Mandel: A Rebel’s Dream Deferred, London: Verso 2009; translated by Christopher Beck and Peter Drucker, 392 pages. This is the first systematic biography of the main leader and theoretician of the Fourth International after 1945 and, as Tariq Ali mentions in his preface,...



    Marxismus – historisch und aktuell
  • Walter Baier legt eine Darstellung des Marxismus vor: Ausgehend von der kommunistischen Idee des Gemeineigentums, die in die Antike zurückreicht, über die klassische deutsche Philosophie und die englische politische Ökonomie werden zentrale Begriffe des Denkens von Karl Marx vorgestellt. Lesen Sie hier eine Rezension von Michael Graber.
    100 Years Communist Parties
  • Review of the latest book of Jan Campbell, chairman of the Institute of the Czech Left, an observer organisation of transform! europe. The publication presents the author's reflections on the 100th anniversary of the founding of communist parties in various countries, under specific consideration of the Communist Party of China.
    Lenin150 (Samizdat): 2nd expanded edition
  • On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Lenin's birth, Lenin150 (Samizdat) seeks to contribute to the re-kindling of the communist attractor by engaging, in the spirit of critical solidarity, with Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov in the year of his 150th anniversary. Conceived out of the former...
    'The Art of Changing Capitalism' – A Transformational Polemic
  • When the left thinks about alternatives they usually envision struggles. Already Marx and Engels understood the history of all societies up to then as 'the history of class struggles'. Wolfgang Kessler, chief editor for more than twenty years of the Publik-Forum – a left-oriented Catholic journal – shows that these struggles also require an art.
    The Communist Party of Austria – A European Case Study
  • On 3rd November 1918, the Communist Party of Austria (KPÖ) was founded in Vienna. To mark this occasion, transform! europe is publishing an illustrated book in Vienna which documents the KPÖ’s development throughout the 20th century.