The Left in Finland After the Elections
  • On March 18, 2007 parliamentary elections took place in Finland. The result was a victory for the opposition National Coalition Party, i.e. the conservatives. The party obtained 22.3 % of the votes, an increase of 3.7 % compared to the previous parliamentary elections. The losers of the elections...
    The Rise of Right-wing Populism in Finland: The True Finns
  • Right-wing populist anti-immigration parties, such as the National Front in France, the Freedom Party of Austria, the Progress Party in Norway and the Danish People’s Party have done well in many European countries over the last couple of decades. So far Finland has been seen as an exception in...
    Student Action Helsinki
  • In this article, our aim is to outline how the Opiskelijatoiminta Network (Student Action, henceforward OT) began at the University of Helsinki during the academic year 2008-2009. We hope that this article will, in addition to giving a sort of “freeze frame” of the process and experiences behind the...


    European Parliament Elections 2019 in Finland
  • Finland elects 13 MEPs (14 after Brexit). The whole country is one constituency and there is no barrier, expcept the number of MEPs. In practice, around 6% of votes is enough for one seat, 12% for two seats and 18% for three seats. A voter need to elect a candidate which belongs to party list or...
  • Election results in Finland The Left managed to win by a clear margin in the elections in Finland. Increasing their share of the vote by 3.4 per cent, the Left Alliance was able to rightly call itself the real winner of these elections. This result also meant the Left Alliance’s return to the...
    Post-government Left seeking necessary electoral victory
  • The current situation of the Left in Finland has been characterised by the recent experiment of the Left in government. Dubbed the ”six-pack”, the government of 2011-2014 consisted of a wide range of parties with absolutely no political kinship. While the Finnish political system has always been characterised by ideologically diverse coalition governments, the ”six-pack” government was exceptional even by Finnish standards.


    Finnish Parliamentary Elections and the Left Alliance
  • The conservative National Coalition Party has emerged victorious in Finland's tightly fought general election. The far-right populist party The Finns achieved its best result to date, placing second. Despite gains, the Social Democrats could only manage third place.
    Principled Pragmatism
  • Li Andersson, Chair of the Finnish Left Alliance, has continued to make her mark as Minister of Education during the pandemic.
    Lot Of Hopes For New Government In Finland
  • On Thursday 6 June a centre-left coalition, including Left Alliance and led by Social Democratic Party, was formed. A very progressive government programme was adopted, although some conflicts are just postponed.
    Left Alliance Took Victory in Finnish Parliamentary Elections
  • Left Alliance won in Finnish parliamentary elections for the first time since 1995. Social Democratic Party won and became the largest party in parliament but also right-wing populist The Finns party preserved its former support and became second. Finnish parliament is now more left-wing and green, but also more split than before.
    A Success for the ‘Left Alliance’
  • Good news from the North: In the Finnish municipal elections on 9 April 2017, the Left Alliance reached 8.8% of the vote which corresponds to a plus of 0.8%. The success was due to a successful election campaign and the good work of party chairperson Li Andersson.
    Finnish Local Elections: the Left Alliance Aims for Success
  • On 9 April municipal elections will take place in Finland. Experience shows that the more candidates a party puts forward, the better its electoral result. What is more, polls are also predicting a positive outcome for the “Left Alliance” – for the first time since 1976, the party has reason to hope for success.
    A Shocking Defeat for the Left
  • The parliamentary elections in Finland mid April resulted in a major defeat for the left. The expected victory for the Left Alliance changed into a defeat from 8.1 % support in 2011 to 7.1 % now. A loss of seats from 14 to 12.
    Finnish parliamentary elections on 19 April
  • The past election period has been demanding for the government. Many commentators consider the sitting government as one of the worst in the Finnish history. The economic situation of Finland is gloomy. The government has failed to implement each and every one of its planned large-scale reforms. Out of the original six parties only four are left, after the Left Alliance and the Greens quit the government in 2014. The instability of the government increased after these two junior partners had left it.
    A Red-Green Future
  • The Finnish Left Alliance held its party congress during June 8-9 in Tampere, Finland. The congress approved a visionary and programmatic paper Red-Green Future, which outlines the central features of a red-green society and describes what kind of measures need to be taken for achieving it.
    A Setback for True Finns
  • The first wave of success of Finnish populist right seems to be over. In the municipal elections held on October 28th, the party got only 12.3 % of votes as compared to 19.0 % in the parliamentary elections of spring 2011.


    No Survival Without Peace
  • This international hybrid event brings together organisations and activists working for peace and the environment in Finland and internationally and aims to create discussions about the common goals of the peace and environmental movements and to build a path towards a new joint action of people's movements on behalf of humanity and the planet.