• Editorial

  • Ten issues, five years. With  the appearance of this issue transform! magazine completes its fifth year of existence and its tenth issue. This anniversary is an occasion for an assessment. In their editorial for the first edition, Michael Brie and Walter Baier outlined the coalescence of left forces shaped by diversity with the following words: “transform! europe was founded in 2001 to initiate and promote alternative thinking and political dialogue aimed at transforming contemporary society according to social, feminist, ecological, democratic and pacifist values. During the complicated though necessary processes of 'Europeanisation' of the Left taking place within a neoliberal dominated...
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About the Left

  • Left Strategy
  • Μπομπ Τζέσοπ
  • Conjunctural analysis is useful in many fields but has special theoretical and practical significance for critical political economy and left strategy. For the pursuit of politics as “the art of the...

  • The Impossibilities of Reformism
  • Introduction We would like to use this text to begin a dialogue with those comrades within social democracy who contend that the last 25, 15 or 5 years of bleak development is the result of a series...

Democracy at Stake

  • Peril from the Right
  • Βάλτερ Μπάγερ
  • Introduction1 Many serious observers hold that the crisis in Europe has not come to an end. With the restructuring of the Greek national debt and the enlargement of the European Stability Mechanism,...

Struggles for Democracy

Europe: Crisis and Alternatives

  • Plea for a European Minimum Wage
  • Europe is heading at full speed toward a second edition of the financial crisis. Greece must once again be saved from “bankruptcy”; again the crisis involves generalised cuts and privatisation. What...



Country reports

  • Austerity Policy in Hungary
  • Ταμάς Μόρβα
  • Recently Hungary appears much more often in the western media than ever before, usually, in critical articles that mention the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and refer to the activity of the government...

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