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  • Short Summary of the 2014 EP Elections

    1. Many citizens believe that on April 6 at the parliamentary elections they have fulfilled their obligations. Therefore, many people have accrued to the question why the EU Parliament and the national election were not held at the same time. If it is held in two different Sundays, the people could easily reply that they do not sacrifice their two rest days.

    2. The European Union is very far from the vast majority of the 8 million eligible voters. There is a widely spread belief that mainly the elite will benefit from the EU fundings, which are spent on new urban centers, fountains, decorative coatings.

    3. EU funding has not created new jobs, and the EU has not proved very effective in crisis management. The EU clearly followed a restriction policy, and it could not elicit any particular sympathy for the Hungarians. The EU election was in no way about the future of the EU and Hungary's 21 seats can have little meaningful influence on the functioning of the EU Parliament. In addition, there was no information on what the parties want to achieve when the mandates become reality.

    4. Thus, many citizens tend to think that domestic policy is more at stake. Low turnout is also an immediate judgment on how things are going in Hungary. Behind the massive absenteeism a rebel against the existing order may also be discovered.

    5. The anti-EU rhetoric of Fidesz leaders who are constantly speaking about freedom struggle against the EU because "Brussels limits Hungary’s national sovereignty and interferes into our country’s internal affairs". It would have been a miracle if under such government rhetoric more people would have gone out to vote.

    6. The low participation explains almost total lack of EUP elections campaign, as well.

    Matyas Benyik
    Budapest, 26 May 2014

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    First Statement of Matyas Benyik, Hungary

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