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Katarina Peović

Katarina Peović is Assistant Professor at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Cultural Studies, Rijeka, Croatia. She holds a BA and masters degree in Comparative literature and MA and Ph.D. of Faculty of Philosophy Zagreb. She published two studies Mediji i kultura. Ideologija medija nakon decentralizacije (2012) and Marx u digitalnom dobu. Dijalektički materijalizam na vratima tehnologije (2016). She has written on the relation of contemporary technology and philosophy for Crisis & Critique, Badiou Studies, Springer, John Benjamins Press, Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory and others. Peović is a member of the left Croatian party Worker’s Front, which successfully ran as part of the green-left coalition Možemo! in the parliamentary elections of 5 July 2020. Možemo! received 7 percent of the vote and she became the first anti-capitalist MP in the Croatian Parliament.

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