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  • This volume, the fourth in the series of yearbooks published by transform! europe, is appearing one year before the European Parliament elections. Despite moderate economic growth the process of European integration is in political crisis. Our volume is characterised by a critical evaluation of integration as such.
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Europe, the World, and the Left

  • Europe at the Crossroads
  • Jan Kavan
  • Europe is at a crossroads and has been there now for some time. One could even say that a spectre is haunting Europe – a spectre of several fears: fear of terrorism, of Islam, of war, Russia, China,...

Confronting ‘Governance’ and Exit – Whither the European Union?

  • Endless Recovery?
  • Γιόακιμ Μπίσοφ
  • The growth rate of global GDP has increased markedly in the second half of 2016. The main contributors to this are the capitalist core countries, and the most important factors for the accelerated...

  • Brexit – Towards the Precipice
  • John Grahl
  • It is increasingly obvious that Brexit is a Luddite project, one that will severely damage the existing productive systems which link Britain to the other members of the EU. Damage will result from...

Right and Left Populism – Elections and Security Policy

The Battle Over Public History – Anti-fascism and the New Totalitarianism Discourse

  • Memory as an Apparatus
  • Leonardo Paggi
  • The challenge facing European political democracy is reflected in the fragmentation of its historical consciousness. With a new monetary system (1944), the Marshall Plan (1947), and NATO (1950) a...

Two Anniversaries: 150 Years of Marx’s Capital – 100 Years after the Hungarian Soviet Republic

The Christian-Marxist Dialogue

  • For a Nonviolent Style of Thinking
  • Piero Coda
  • In the brief reflections offered here I am prompted by a provocative idea of the philosopher Emmanuel Lévinas and by an approach enunciated by Pope Francis. 1. Lévinas writes in Otherwise Than Being,...

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  • Yearbook as eBook available soon. INTEGRATION – DISINTEGRATION – NATIONALISM. transform! 2018 Edited by Walter Baier, Eric Canepa and Eva Himmelstoss Merlin Press Ltd www.merlinpress.co.uk | Direct...