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  • Για τον σεβασμό της ιστορικής μνήμης στην Ευρώπη

  • 09 Nov 19
  • Το διοικητικό συμβούλιο του δικτύου transform! europe συνέταξε μια ανοιχτή επιστολή, με αντικείμενο το ψήφισμα του Ευρωπαϊκού Κοινοβουλίου: «Η Ευρώπη πρέπει να θυμάται το παρελθόν της προκειμένου να οικοδομεί το μέλλον της». Το προαναφερθέν ψήφισμα εγκρίθηκε από την πλειοψηφία των βουλευτών του Ευρωπαϊκού Κοινοβουλίου.
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  • This publication is the documentation of the seminar organised by transform! and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in June 2019, right after the European Elections.

  • The publication starts with more general perspectives and the consequences of climate change for Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Bulgaria and continues in a second part with energy, using the examples of Croatia, Bulgaria, and...


Can right-wing parties with a nationalist and populist agenda come into power even in the core of the EU? Of which character is the challenge they are posing to the Left?

This concept of the Common is becoming increasingly meaningful to those who are struggling for a social transformation that coincides with ecological transition. transform! europe aims to support research on the forms of these struggles and their connection to the concept of the Commons.


Change the System, not the Climate! #ClimateEmergency


It’s that time of year again when political & business leaders compete to prove their 'green' credentials.

As the UN Climate Change Conference kicks off in Madrid, the expectations are as high as the doubts – will it be for real this time?

We cannot stand for any more posturing – time is running out! The future of our planet needs radical, ambitious climate action. Empty promises and cosmetic measures just won’t cut it.

We need to kick fossil fuel corporations out of politics and put people & planet at the heart of decision-making. Change the system, not the climate.


Source: GUE/NGL