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  • transform! europe beleuchtet die Auswirkungen des Kapitalismus auf das weltweite Ökosystem und die damit einhergehende Wirtschaftskrise mit ihren Folgen für Produktionsketten und Grenzen, Arbeitsformen, Gesundheitssysteme, europäische Integration, geopolitische Machtverhältnisse und Geschlechterverhältnisse aber auch den damit einhergehenden Brüchen in der neoliberalen Hegemonie.


    Capitalism's Deadly Threat
    transform! Yearbook 2021
    Walter Baier, Eric Canepa, Haris Golemis
    Merlin Press
    ISBN 978-0-85036-770-6

    Die Publikation kann als Hardcopy bei Merlin Press bestellt werden und ist demnächst als eBook verfügbar.


    Walter Baier, Eric Canepa, Haris Golemis: Capitalism’s Deadly Threat

    In Memoriam
    Ingar Solty: The Global Left, Marxism, and Democratic Socialism: Remembering Leo Panitch (1945-2020)

    Walter Baier: The State of the Union: On the Eve of the Conference on the Future of Europe

    Capitalism’s Ecological Crisis and Radical Left Alternatives
    John Bellamy Foster: The Planetary Rift Interviewed by Haris Golemis
    Birgit Mahnkopf: On the Political Economy of the Ecological Crisis
    Teppo Eskelinen: Climate Change and Capitalist Development
    Nadja Charaby and Katja Voigt: The UN Climate Summits: Not a Solution to the Climate Crisis – But it is Important to be There
    David Adler and Pawel Wargan: The EU’s Green Deal and the Betrayal of a Generation: A Strategy to Fight Back
    Kateřina Konečná: Sleepwalking from One Crisis to the Next
    Oguz Turkyilmaz: Proposals for a Democratic Energy Programme in Turkey

    Politics and Everyday Life Under the Pandemic
    Maria Karamessini: The Covid-19 Crisis and Socio-Economic Disruption in Europe: Threats and Challenges for Labour
    Adoración Guamán, Guillermo Murcia López, and José Miguel Sánchez Ocaña: The Coronavirus, Working People, and Precarity: Challenges for an Exit Based on Labour
    Roland Kulke: A Left Perspective on the Economics of the Corona Crisis
    Ursula Huws: Reaping the Whirlwind: Digitalisation, Restructuring, and Mobilisation in the Covid Crisis
    Amelia Martinez-Lobo and Andrea Peniche: The Pandemic Crisis and Its Impact on Women’s Lives
    Joanna Bourke: Pandemics and Domestic Violence
    Sandro Mezzadra: Testing Borders: Covid-19 and the Management of (Im)mobility
    Monika Mokre: Covid and the Unequal Distribution of Vulnerability
    Fabian Fajnwaks: Contemporary Forms of the Death Drive in Pandemic Capitalism
    Kevin Biderman, Eleanor Dare, Laura Gordon, Eleni Ikoniadou, Matt Lewis, Joseph Pochodzaj, Cecilia Wee, and Dylan Yamada-Rice: Exercises in Exorcism – Ways of Healing (Through) Art Education

    Country Reports
    Ethan Young: US Politics in Freefall
    Dimitris Psarras: Golden Dawn: The Rise and Fall of a Nazi Gang
    Asger Hougaard: Something Rotten in the State of Denmark? New Lessons and Old Problems for the Movements and Political Parties
    Michael Chessum: Corbynism’s Demise: A Warning from the Brexit Moment

    Luciana Castellina: 2021: 100 Years From the Founding of the Italian Communist Party – Ten Years After the Passing of Lucio Magri
    Walter Baier: The Constitution and Class Struggle: On the 100th Anniversary of Austria’s Federal Constitutional Law
    Milena Gegios and Dimitris Kousouris: Histories of the Greek Revolution: The Political Framing of a National Anniversary

    The Marxist-Christian Dialogue
    Bernhard Callebaut: Catholics and the Economy: Pope Francis’s Narrative and the Challenges for Today’s Economy
    Karl-Helmut Lechner: To Differ and Learn From Each Other – A Marxist Voice on the Social Encyclical ‘Fratelli tutti’

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