Russland: die Illusion der Harmonie, die Realität der Konfrontation
  • Einer objektiven und kritischen Analyse der russischen Wirklichkeit stehen weitverbreitete Mythen im Wege. Dies betrifft vor allem den Mythos von einem totalitären Diktator – des allmächtigen russischen Präsidenten. Mit dem dämonisierenden Bild des Wladimir Putin ist die Vorstellung von der Langmut...


    Few Points Regarding the Sense of the Revolution
  • On the background of this year’s 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution Jiří Dolejš contemplates the role of revolutionary turmoil and its impact on the human society as well as the requirements under which a real change can be achieved.
    Hegemony or Negotiated Consensus?
  • This year’s parliamentary elections in Russia did not promise any big surprises. In the end, there was at least one: a landslide victory for the pro-Kremlin political party United Russia (Yedinaya Rossiya) which took 76 % of seats in the Russian parliament or State Duma.[1]
    How Powerful is the Russian Bear?
  • A lot of discussion has been going on regarding the Russian foreign policy and its military potential. The aim of this article is not to analyze the state and potential of the Russian military technique, but to look into the economic strengths and weaknesses of this huge country.
    Linke Organisationen Russlands bitten um Solidarität und Unterstützung
  • Genossinnen und Genossen! Heute wenden wir, AktivistInnen linker Organisationen in Russland, uns an Euch mit der Bitte um Eure Solidarität und Unterstützung! In Russland ist ein offener Kampf zwischen einer breiten demokratischen Bewegung und dem korrupten, autoritären und oligarchischen Regime...


    Inclusive European Security? Russia and the EU in the Post-Western World
  • There has been a lot of talk of a new Cold War between the West and Russia, even though the metaphor itself is not appropriate in today’s globalised context. It is not a very fitting analytical description. Firstly, there is no clear ideological and systemic struggle between Russia and the West.