Ein kritischer Bericht über die Krise in Rumänien
  • 1. Einleitung: Krisen über Krisen Die Behauptung, die Krise in Rumänien sei lediglich eine Fortsetzung einer bereits vorhandenen vielschichtigen Krisensituation, kommt der Wahrheit ziemlich nahe. „Was den Rumäninnen und Rumänen in ihrem Staat und dessen Gesellschaft heute widerfährt –...


    Quest For Left Alternative Continues
  • As broadly anticipated in the pre-election piece on Romania, the country’s main right-wing party won the European elections, the National Liberal Party (EPP), which gathers most elements of previous right-wing governments, gained nearly 27% of the votes. On second place came the Social Democratic...
    European elections in Romania
  • In Romania, the European elections come against the background of an upsurge in class struggle that has not been matched, though, by any significant left-wing option at the polls on Sunday. The past year or so has witnessed a wave of important strikes, mostly in the industrial sector. For example,...
  • Outcomes of the European Parliament Elections in Romania The most revealing aspect of the 2014 European Parliament elections in Romania is the further move to the right of the governing party, PSD [the Social Democrat Party]. While the party identifies itself as a center-left one, in practice its...


    The fall of 'Dracula Politics'
  • On December 6, Romanians elected their members of parliament. The elections were held despite the fact that there were record numbers of Covid cases during the last month with more than 5,500 cases on the 1st of December and 148 people dead.