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    Beware Europe’s New Green Colonialism
  • Europe is leading the world in cutting carbon emissions largely by consolidating new forms of extractivism and sacrifice zones in the South. The authors Nnimmo Bassey, Breno Bringel, Liliana Buitrago, Madhuresh Kumar, Kavita Naidu, Vasna Ramasar, and Maristella Svampa analyse recent EU policies and advocate for alternatives to Green colonialism.
    The Latin American Left Will Inspire the World
  • The current Brazilian elections are important also for many beyond the country’s borders. Brazil has strengthened the new left wave in Latin America and cooperation across the Global South, which now counts 134 developing countries and could represent a social alternative at a time when Western countries are facing a coming recession and crisis.
    COP26 – Big Failure?
  • transform! europe's Roland Kulke critically reports on COP26, which took place in Glasgow in October/November 2021.


    “Climate Change - Collateral Damage of Military Spending”
  • In den letzten Jahren konzentrierten sich die internationalen Transform!Danmark Klimakonferenzen auf die Notwendigkeit eines Systemwandels zur wirksamen Bekämpfung des Klimawandels. Mit dieser Konferenz wollen wir unsere Themen und Argumente weiter schärfen und gemeinsam politische, wirtschaftliche, soziale und ökologische Alternativen entwickeln.


    RIMPAC, NATO Versus a Peaceful Asia Pacific
  • Given the rising possibility of global war, the panelists will analyse and oppose the largest military exercises on the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC), as well as lay out the implications of participation in NATO.