Economic Governance


    Zur ökonomischen Governance der EU: Muss die Notbremse gezogen werden?
  • Walter Benjamin polemisierte gegen die naive Vorstellung, Revolutionen seien die Lokomotiven der Weltgeschichte. In seinen Thesen »Über den Begriff der Geschichte« heißt es, lasse man dieser von der früheren Gesellschaft geschaffenen Lokomotive freie Fahrt, dann würde sie wohl unaufhaltsam auf den...


    Unconditional Basic Income. To Each According to Her or His Basic Needs
  • Basic income is not just one financial measure among many but a social, economic and civic financial amount which has a far-reaching multiplier effect in many areas of life. Basic income is a profound civilizational change on par with the introduction of universal suffrage or universal health care. Read an analysis of its key aspects.


    Manifesto for a Green, Just and Democratic European Economy
  • transform! europe, together with more than 270 civil society organisations, academics, and other think tanks from all 27 EU Member States, is issuing the Manifesto for a Green, Just, and Democratic European Economy, calling for fundamental change of the EU’s Economic Governance Framework.
    Hundred Shades of the EU – Mapping the Political Economy of Euro Peripheries
  • “Hundred shades of the EU – Mapping the Political Economy of Euro Peripheries”, is a title of the research study, conducted by transform! europe with the support of the Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation that aims at characterizing at the socio-economic, political, and cultural levels the current existing peripheries within the European Union.
    'Amazon Method' of tax dodging exposed in new research
  • The Left in the European Parliament presents a study to analyse the ways Amazon, as one of the major multinational enterprises (MNEs), has organized its domestic and international business to minimize taxation worldwide. The researchers identify Luxembourg as the coordinating centre of a global tax dodging operation.
    Warum uns "Pensée unique" in die Irre führen wird
  • Neoliberale Anstrengungen einfach als marktradikal zu definieren ist irreführend. Die dynamische und vielfältige Sphäre neoliberaler Akteur*innen sowohl weltweit als auch auf europäischer Ebene macht es erforderlich, dass wir uns bei der Betrachtung neoliberaler Netzwerke vor reduktionistischen...
    The 2021 Jörg Huffschmid Award
  • In memory of the scholarly work and political engagement of the critical economist Jörg Huffschmid, the call for submissions to the competitive award named after him, which seeks to recognize outstanding work in the field of Political Economy is issued; the Jörg Huffschmid Award is currently in its sixth iteration.
    You call it, if you want…evasions
  • Roberto Musacchio on recent investigations showing that the growth of tax evasion in the European Union – evasion leading to tax gaps which exceed the healthcare spending of several EU Member States, ‘often by considerable amounts‘.
    Mehr Geld – weniger Zusammenhalt: Wettbewerb der Subventionen
  • Covid-19 hat zu einer dramatischen Wirtschaftskrise geführt. Die EU hat die strengen Beihilferegeln so geändert, dass Staaten nun fast nach Gutdünken ihren nationalen Wirtschaften helfen können. Was sinnvoll klingt hat aber einen Haken, denn die Starken werden dadurch noch stärker und lassen die ärmeren Wirtschaften hinter sich.
    MEPs prepare to slate summit deal and defend real recovery
  • Decrying EU leaders’ hatchet job on the long-term budget and recovery plan, the GUE/NGL group will join the vast majority in the European Parliament in passing a resolution that strongly criticises the conclusions of last weekend’s summit. The lack of ambition shown in the context of the biggest...
    Politics in the Face of a Climate Disaster
  • In 2015, when the Paris Agreement was still under negotiations, British journalist Paul Mason expressed his doubts whether the agreement would be signed and wrote that such climate conferences „resemble the peace treaties that paved the way to the Second World War."[1] Although Mason was wrong about...
    Economic Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic in the Czech Republic
  • The Czech Republic has so far fared well in containing the pandemic. However, the economic consequences of the lockdown and the rapidly worsening situation in the world economy are yet to come. This article deals with economic measures implemented to mitigate the economic consequences of the pandemic through the eyes of political economy.
    Braucht die EU „Corona-Bonds“?
  • In Corona-Zeiten ist die „Große Politik“ nur scheinbar ausgesetzt. Die EU-Kommission entschuldigte sich für ihr seuchenpolitisches Versagen. Wie in der Finanzkrise 2008 ist der Nationalstaat zentraler Akteur in Europa. Die Finanzpolitik bleibt an die wirtschaftliche Hackordnung gebunden, ganz oben Deutschland. Zentrales Feld sind die „Eurobonds“.
    Economic Democracy and Self-Governance in Enterprises
  • The conference “Economic democracy and self-governance in enterprise: history, theories, perspectives” can be considered as one of the main arrival points of the project “Democracy as self-government” in 2019, proposed to Transform!Europe by Sinistra XXI, Italian leftist think tank.
    Stop The Reform Of European Stability Mechanism
  • In Italy, a discussion developed, first in the media and then in the parliamentary halls, about the proposed reform of the European Stability Mechanism treaty, which should be approved by Eurozone leaders at the Euro summit on December 13th. The leader of the Northern League sovereign party, Matteo...
    Jörg-Huffschmid-Preis 2019
  • In Gedenken an das wissenschaftliche Werk und das gesellschaftspolitische Engagement des kritischen Ökonomen Jörg Huffschmid wird 2019 zum fünften Mal der nach ihm benannte Preis für herausragende Arbeiten aus dem Feld der Politischen Ökonomie ausgeschrieben.
    Join the Change Finance coalition! With actions on the 15th September
  • On September 15th, it will be 10 years since the financial crash when US investment bank Lehman Brothers collapsed - a moment in a chain of events that threatened to destroy our economies and create social chaos. Since global leaders failed to break the status quo, we are now at risk of a more dangerous collapse. See our vision for a change!


    New Deal heißt Mut zum Konflikt
  • Die Suche nach dem Ausweg aus der Corona-Krise droht, den Kampf gegen die Klimakatastrophe zu verdrängen. Der Ökonom Steffen Lehndorff widmet sich daher der Frage, was wir vom New Deal der 1930er Jahre für den grundlegenden sozial-ökologischen Umbau lernen können, den wir heute dringend brauchen. Herausgegeben mit Unterstützung von transform! euro
    Ein Green New Deal für Europa – Möglichkeiten und Herausforderungen. EuroMemo 2020
  • Angesichts der Dringlichkeit legt das EuroMemo 2020 seinen Schwerpunkt auf die Klimakrise und anderen ökologischen Grenzen des Planeten. Auch vor dem Hintergrund der Vertiefung sozialer Ungleichheiten, dem Wiedererstarken autoritärer Nationalismen und der Krise der globalen Governance werden umfassende politische Gegenmaßnahmen dringend benötigt.
    Ökonomische Governance der EU nach der Eurokrise
  • Ziel dieses Berichts ist es, einen Überblick über die strukturelle Entwicklung der ökonomischen Governance der EU zu bieten und insbesondere auf den Einfluss einzugehen, den die Eurokrise auf diese Entwicklung hatte. Außerdem sollen die wirtschaftlichen und politischen Auswirkungen dieser Krise umfassend dargestellt werden.


    Hundred Shades of EU: Mapping the Political Economy of Euro Peripheries
  • This workshop will provide an overview of a study on the socio-economic, political and cultural dimensions of the EU periphery, designed by transform! europe in collaboration with the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation. The workshop will focus on the political impact of the EU's core-periphery divide.
    Conference on Non-Capitalist Mixed Economies (Theory, History and Future)
  • The online international conference takes up non-capitalist mixed economy models as an eminently important historical experience, practical possibility and much needed prospect. The current moment of global capitalism and the evolving ecological crisis demands an organized and coherent response, one...
    Economic Reactions of EU Members States to the Covid-19 Crisis
  • transform! europe presents the results of the research programme on the economic intervention of nine European countries. An online panel in cooperation with Assoziation für Kritische Gesellschaftsforschung (AKG), an association of German-speaking social scientists.
    The Energy We Need
  • The new weekly webinar series, organized by transform! europe together with Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Brussels and New York Offices, focused on developing internationalist visions for Green New Deal(s) that will work for the whole planet in the post-Covid era.


    The Energy We Need
  • The new weekly webinar series, organized by transform! europe together with Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Brussels and New York Offices, focused on developing internationalist visions for Green New Deal(s) that will work for the whole planet in the post-Covid era.