Das belgische Rätsel
  • Am 13. Juni 2010 fanden in Belgien bundesweite Wahlen statt, dreieinhalb Monate bevor diese Zeilen geschrieben wurden. Es gibt bis jetzt keine Regierung und kein einziges jener Probleme, die die vorverlegte Wahl bewirkt haben, ist gelöst worden. Es ist kein leichtes Unterfangen, zu versuchen,...


    Belgium: Black Anger Against Red And Green Anger
  • The clear sanction of the Liberal-Conservative government in the legislative, regional and European elections on May 26 took a radically different form in different parts of the country. While the Flemish (60% of the population) massively voted for the far right, it is the radical and ecological left that triumphs in Brussels and Wallonia.


    Social Struggle Back in Force in Belgium
  • Full success for the national demonstration on 6 November. With more than 120,000 participants coming from the whole country the event which had been initiated by the three main workers organizations (Christian, socialist and liberal) makes up the largest social mobilization for the last 30 years.