Paulina de los Reyes

Paulina de los Reyes, Professor of Economic History, Stockholm University; She is a member of the Scientific Council for CEMFOR (Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism) at the Uppsala University, board member of the Institute of Latin American Studies at the Stockholm University, and associate editor of the European Journal of Industrial Relations; Her latest publications include: Migrant mothers: work, nation and racialisation in Swedish official discourses 1970–2000. In: Scandinavian Economic History Review, 1-19 / 2021; (De)confined notes. On the contributions of intersectionality to the challenges of Covid-19. Propuestas Críticas en Trabajo Social - Critical Proposals in Social Work 1(2) 2021; Hegemonic feminism revisited. On the promises of Intersectionality in Times of the precarisation of life (with Diana Mulinari) in NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research. 28/3, 2020; Researching Otherwise? Autoethnographic Notes on the 2013 Stockholm Riots (with Markus Lundström). In: Critical Sociology Volume 47, Issue 7-8, 2020;