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Júlia Martí Comas

Júlia Martí Comas hold a PhD in Development Studies from the University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU). She is a researcher at the Observatory of Multinationals in Latin America (OMAL), a member of the feminist movement in Euskal Herria/Basque Country. Dr. Comas is a member of “Viento Sur” editorial team. Her field of study is corporate power, the impacts of transnational companies and the construction of resistance and alternatives from an eco-feminist and internationalist perspective. Together with Luismi Uharte, Dr. Comas has coordinated the book “Rethinking the economy from the popular point of view. Collective learning from Latin America” (Icaria 2019) and she is the author, together with Zaloa Pérez, of the publication” In defense of our municipalities. 20 tracks to decentralize the markets”(OMAL 2020)

(November 2020)