Hartmut Elsenhans

Hartmut Elsenhans was Professor for political science in Leipzig since 1993, since 2007 he is emeritus. Elsenhans had positions at different universities: 1983-1993 in Konstanz, 1976-1983 in Marburg, 1964-1975 in Frankfurt/Main, 1970-1974 in Berlin. He was visiting professor at the JNU in Delhi in 1990 and 2002, in Salzburg 1987, Dakar 1986, Montreal 1978, Lisbon 1991, and finally in Islamabad 2014. Elsenhans did field research in many countries, like Algeria, Bangladesh, France, India, Mali and Senegal. His main publications are on Algeria, the theory of the World system, the history of capitalism, development economics, state & administration in developing societies, North-South relations, and lately on new cultural-identitarian movements.