Ewa Dąbrowska-Szulc

Ewa Dąbrowska-Szulc, graduate of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. She worked at the Interdepartmental Institute for the Application of Mathematics and Statistics of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, and subsequently at the Department of Agriculture and Forestry of the Planning Commission. As president of the Pro Femina Association, she has spoken out in the media about women's right to self-determination. For this activity, she received the Super Okulary Równości award from the I. Jaruga-Nowacka Foundation in 2017, and the Atheist- Feminist recognition diploma of the K. Łyszczyński Foundation in 2020. Currently, during the pandemic, she participates in virtual meetings organised by the Maria Skłodowska-Curie and Mikołaj Kopernik Polish Gender Society. The Pro Femina Association, one of the founding organisations of the Federacji na rzecz Kobiet i Planowania Rodziny belongs to the Wielkiej Koalicji za Równością i Wyborem.

(February 2021)