• 12 Juni 2015 - 13 Juni 2015
  • Rome
  • Arbeit, Unternehmen und Produktion ändern, gemeinsame Güter fördern
  • Selbstverwaltung in Europa

  • Ein Workshop von transform! europe und transform! italia, in Zusammenarbeit mit GUE/NGL, Cercare Ancora, Altramente und Universität Camerino.

    Arbeitssprachen: Italienisch und Englisch

    On fights, experiences of work and production, social networks, as well as institutional aspects and considerations.

    transform! europe is following the definition of the Commons and social movements related to it. A first meeting was held in Paris on the subject of Common Good also as a space of social reappropriation.

    In this context the workshop opens a space of reflection on the theme of self-management of workers in factories and workplaces, which will develop its own process of analysis and initiative.