• 04 Oktober 2013 - 05 Oktober 2013
  • Paris
  • Internationale Konferenz
  • Demokratie und Revolution bei Rosa Luxemburg

  • One of the most important contributions of Rosa Luxemburg to modern Marxist thought is her refusal to separate the concepts of “democracy” and “revolution”. This approach is developed in a) her criticism of the limits of bourgeois democracy, b) her conception of the revolutionary struggle as democratic self-emancipation of the great masses, c) her vision of socialist democracy with the workers’ councils’ system as a possible form of “dictatorship of the proletariat”, and d) her firm insistence – in discussion with Russian revolutionaries – on the importance of democratic freedoms in the transition towards Socialism.

    The conference will deal with the question of democracy in her writings on Marxism, on political economy and on the national question (self-administration and national autonomy as democratic solutions).

    These are issues that remain relevant at the beginning of the 21st Century. The aim of the conference will be not only to analyze the historical aspects and the texts themselves, but also the political significance of these issues, in an epoch that sees a crisis of democracy within the context of crisis in capitalist civilization.

    Conference organised and supported by:

    • International Rosa Luxemburg Society
    • University of Paris I Panthéon-La Sorbonne/Centre d’histoire des systèmes de pensée moderne (CHSPM)
    • Espaces Marx
    • Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
    • Gerda und Hermann Weber Stiftung
    • transform! europe
    • Collectif Smolny
    • Actuel Marx
    • Journal Contretemps