• 14 Juni 2016 - 14 Juni 2016
  • Brussels
  • 08:00 – 09:30
    Members Salon
    European Parliament

  • transform! eDossier
  • Presentation of “A New Energy to Change Europe”

  • This recent publication which provides a comprehensive analysis of what is at stake when talking about a progressive plan for Europe’s energy transition will be presented in Brussels on 14 June.

    As global temperature rise, geopolitical conflict over “energy security” intensifies and too many people across the world are left unable to meet basic energy needs, the question of a fair energy transition paving the way for another model of development is more crucial than ever. Among genuine progressive forces it is now crystal clear that a new fundamental contradiction has arisen on top of that opposing capital and labour – the contradiction between capital and the sustainability of the planet. Everywhere, grassroots struggles around energy are gaining ground, and this shows a strong will to overcome corporate-led attempts of co-optation of some environmental claims under the label of green capitalism. Throughout Europe as well, citizens’ groups advocate for energy democracy from production to redistribution and struggle against energy precariousness.

    It is obvious that – when considered seriously – a comprehensive plan for an energy transition from a radical Left perspective cannot ignore all the above-mentioned issues. It is only so that today’s ecological imperatives, as well as social and political needs, could possibly be met. The transform! eDossier “A New Energy to Change Europe” does not pretend to be exhaustive, but rather to nourish the necessary diversity of the on-going discussions within the European progressive political sphere, as well of those of social movements and trade unions.

    For detailed information and download of the eDossier please click here.


Welcoming words:

  • MEP Cornelia Ernst (GUE/NGL)
  • Martin Schirdewan (Director of the Brussels office of the RLS)


  • Maxime Benatouil (transform! europe)


  • Marc Delepouve and Jean-Claude Simon (editors and key contributors of the eDossier)

Discussion with the audience.