• 20 März 2013 - 21 März 2013
  • Moskau
  • Ort:
    Lomonosov Moscow State University
    Vorobievy Hills
    Moscow, Russia

    Please address correspondence to the Forum at: info@me-forum.ru

    Information: www.me-forum.ru

  • Moskauer Wirtschafts-Forum

  • Auf Initiative des Rektors der Moskauer Lomonossov Universität, des Direktors des Instituts für Wirtschaftsforschung der russischen Akadmie der Wissenschaften, des Präsidenten von „Rosagromash“ und einer Reihe anderer wissenschaftlicher Institutionen sowie von Unternehmen wird das Moskauer Wirtschaftsforum an der staatlichen Universität stattfinden.

    The goals of the Forum will be as follows:

    • to analyze the contradictions and potential for development of Russia within a context that features a continuing drawn-out depression; that presents new problems and opportunities associated with the knowledge revolution and the increasing inclusion of our country in global processes; and that also involves the danger that Russia will be irreversibly de-industrialised;
    • developing constructive economic and social alternatives to the extensive, resource-dependent and in many respects asocial model of economic evolution that has become established in this country;
    • bringing Russian citizens together with socially responsible business and with intellectuals in order to discuss and help implement these alternatives.

    Participants in the Forum will include:

    • leaders of the “real sector” of the Russian economy including Presidents of the biggest Russian corporations in transport, manufacturing and other spheres, notable invitees are leading figures from from Rosagromash and the Russian railway system (Konstantin Babkin, Vladimir Yakunin and so on);
    • prominent scholars from Russia and other countries - members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and distinguished professors from Moscow State University; scholars from all the major centers of research and analysis in Russia and other countries of the CIS; (adviser of President of Russian Federation, academician Sergey Glaziev, director of Institute of Sociology, academician Michael Gorshkov and so on);
    • MPs, representatives of civil society and of state bodies.;
    • prominent economists from China, Western Europe, the US and other parts of the world.

    These speakers will address the Forum in support of regulated, socially oriented development, based on the priority status of the real sector.

    The main imperatives of the Forum will be:

    • an active industrial policy aimed at ensuring the priority development of Russia’s real sector, along with favorable social outcomes;
    • generally accessible and primarily free health care, education, science and culture; a reduction of social differentiation (the ratio between the incomes of the richest and poorest deciles should not exceed 6-7 times);
    • active participation by civil society in developing and implementing economic and social policy;
    • rejection of the policy and ideology of “market fundamentalism”.

    The Forum will see the presentation of papers addressing the main parameters of such questions as:

    • the relationship between the market and social (in particular, state) regulation;
    • the formation of a system of property relations and rights able to ensure the integration of economic freedom and social justice;
    • the economic bases for implementing social, humanitarian and environmental priorities;
    • the relationship between the processes of reindustrialisation and post-industrial development in the real sector (including industry, transport and agriculture);
    • the economic foundations for ensuring universally accessible, high-quality education, health care, culture and science, working effectively and responding to the needs of society as well as those of the market;
    • a selective, regulated and just integration of Russia into the global economic system;
    • a financial system serving the goals of development of the real sector and of the social sphere.

    The work of the Forum will take the form of the presentation and discussion of particular papers in plenary sessions, and also the conducting of a wide range of initiative seminars, round tables and discussions on topical questions of Russia’s economic development in a global context.

    The materials of the Forum will be published in a series of monographs.

    To participate in the Forum on an individual basis, please apply to the Organising Committee of the Forum before 1 February 2013 with full name, place of employment and position held; academic degree and title; contact details (e-mail); and also the desired status of the participant (audience member, participant in discussion, presenter). For inclusion in the Congress program it is also necessary to send the topic of your address or paper, together with related notes indicating its points of originality.

    Business organisations, academic and educational bodies and institutions of civil society are invited to present seminars (for 15-30 participants, with 5-8 presenters) or round tables (up to 20 participants) within the framework of the Forum.

    To this end, the Organising Committee should be provided before 1 February 2013 with the following information: the overall topic of the seminar (round table) and the main issues (3-5) to be addressed; the initiating organisation; the names of the head of the institution and of its academic secretary; the presenters (full names and positions held, together with the topics of papers and accompanying notes); and the number of participants expected.