• 15 März 2014
  • Kopenhagen
  • Ort:
    Lager, Post og Service
    Peter Ipsens Alle 27
    2400 Copenhagen NV

    Anmeldung bis 10. März via email: transform.denmark@gmail.com
    Teilnahmegebühr: 100 DKK (am Eingang bar zu bezahlen)

    Konferenzsprache: Englisch

  • Internationale Konferenz
  • “More Alternatives to Growth”

  • Transform! Dänemark besteht seit nunmehr zwei Jahren. Dieses ist die dritte internationale Konferenz, die das Netzwerk im Kontext der Entwicklung linker Alternativen organisiert. Die Tagung findet in englischer Sprache statt.

    The conference in March will continue the topic of the conference last year, “Alternatives to Growth”. At the 2013 conference the focus was on ecological and equitable alternatives to environmental and mainstream economy and thinking in order to further the understanding for the need to break the neoliberal Capitalist logic and to promote systemic transformation. 

    At this year’s conference we wish to present and discuss concrete political and practical responses to the perspective for alternatives to growth.  We will include a discussion on Ecosocialism, with a specific focus on the food, land and water issues.

    Organisers: Transform!Danmark in cooperation with the transform! europe network, and supported by Enhedslisten/the Red­‐Green Alliance, Grobund (left educational association), NOAH – Friends of the Earth Denmark as well as the leftwing magazines Det Ny Clarté, Solidaritet, Kritisk Debat and Socialistisk Information.