• 30 Mai 2015 - 31 Mai 2015
  • Paris
  • Eine Initiative von EL und transform!
  • Europäisches Forum für Alternativen

  • transform! will participate in the two-day event with contributions on issues as diverse as productive transformation and European industrial policy, ecological transition (in view of the UN International Conference on Climate Change, December 2015 in Paris), the challenges of labour, social economy and commons, the European struggle against austerity and with the Greeks, the contributions of universities for another Europe, the struggle for a democratic Europe, the evolution of the actors for the alternative in Europe.

    The Forum, which will be an initiative of an unprecedented scale, is open from conception to implementation to all forces and interested citizens. Our goal is to organize a major political and popular event with the participation of at least 2,000 people, part European, high-level guests (European dimension of personalities including ministers of the new Greek government), political activists, unions, and social movements. Saturday, May 30 in the evening, we will organize a big concert at Republic Square in Paris named "Peoples, rise up".

    Thematic activities

    (The names of the workshops are provisional)

    Saying goodbye to austerity, for solidarity policies in Europe

    • A recovery? Where is the recovery? Investing to deal with social emergencies: a plan? For what kind of growth?
    • A high level of public services for a high level of rights (Energy / housing / childhood / health)
    • Equality: the struggles continue (Women's rights / LGBT)
    • What future for the youth?

    Regain power over money

    • Debt: European problem, European solutions
    • Change the banking system (banks / European Central Bank)
    • Taxation: justice and the fight against fraud and tax evasion
    • Budgets: popular sovereignty and European solidarity

    What ecological and emancipatory production model?

    • Challenges and ecological alternatives (COP21 / success the ecological transition)
    • A modern industry: to produce what? For who? How?
    • Working in the 21st Century (new organization / new rights)
    • Collaborative economy, concrete alternatives (ESS / Open-models)
    • Reappropriate our food

    For a real democracy, a Europe of freedoms

    • Building a democratic Europe of citizens power
    • Make the emancipated Europeans: what educational and cultural policies? (education / Cultural / Sport)
    • Big data, spying, anti-terrorist laws: how to protect our freedom and private life?
    • Ethics and general interest: the fight against corruption, conflict of interest and clientelism

    Another Globalization

    • The 21st century: a world of mobilities. For a new migration policy
    • Towards a common development (to defeat the TTIP / EU partnerships with the world / commons / Mediterranean)
    • Building peace in Europe and all over the world (Ukraine / Security Policy disarmament or European army?)

    Making the peoples of Europe win: go on the offensive!

    • After the victory of SYRIZA, making the left grow in Europe and beating the far right
    • Dominant Media, Alternative Media: win the battle of information
    • Social Struggles: meeting of unions activists
    • Active Solidarities
    • What cooperation of the elected left?

    Website: www.forum-des-alternatives.eu/en

    Facebook: European Forum for Alternatives

    Twitter: ForumAlternativ

    Registration: Please register online or by email to Maximilien: ef4a2015@gmail.com