• 08 November 2014 - 10 November 2014
  • Athens
  • Michel Bauwens in Athens
  • Applied Policies and the Concept of ‘Commons’

  • Organized by Nicos Poulantzas Institute in cooperation with transform! europe and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.


A) Open Event

Monday, 10 November, 7.00 pm

“Applied policies and the concept of ‘commons’: results, experiences and future aims”

- An overall view on the concept of commons

  • water as a common good, 
  • digital common goods.

- Presentation of FLOK project results. Discussing commons transition strategies based on the experience so far in Ecuador.

- General introduction to the importance of the new commons as the basis of an entirely new political economy and the strategies/tactics/priorities to get there.

- Introduction to the real workings of peer production.


B) Coordination of open workshops with grass root groups, research institutions (universities, state research agents), movements etc.

Saturday, 8 November, 12.00 am

“Cooperative economy: implemented international examples and future perspectives in Greece

Sunday, 9 November, 12.00 am

“Open access to knowledge”