• Berlin-Seminar
  • State of Affairs in Europe

  • 30 Jun 16
  • transform! europe and the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung invite political scientists and actors to debate the possibilities for common perspectives and action of the Left in Europe in a Berlin-Seminar under the title: “State of Affairs in Europe” in July.

    Against the backdrop of blackmail of SYRIZA government in the negotiations with the institutions, further cuts to pensions and social benefits make the mass protests against these measures as against the implementation of the privatization, the continuation of neoliberal politics, the alarming soar of the far right in numerous countries, but also the introduction of new left leaning government in Portugal, the crumbling of the bi-partisan system in Spain which lead to new elections on 26 June, and after the referendum about Britain’s membership in the EU, we believe that a new determination of the positioning of the Left is necessary.

    For this a number of conferences, seminars and debates have taken place (especially the foundation and conferences of DiEM-25, the conference ‘Building alliances to Fight Austerity and to Reclaim Democracy’ in Athens, the Plan B-conferences and the strategy conference of the RLS). We do not intend to add another event to this sequence but rather try to draw provisional conclusions of these debates also in the view of the forthcoming congress of the EL.

    We want to discuss the following topics:

    • State of the Union
    • State of the Movements
    • State of Politics

    The discussions will be in English.


    Heidi Ambrosch
    transform! europe

    Conny Hildebrandt
    Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung
    Institut für Gesellschaftsanalyse