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  • The Politics of the Right: SOCIALIST REGISTER 2016

  • 20 Aug 15
  • Edited by Leo Panitch and Greg Albo.– Today the left faces new challenges from political forces amassing on the radical right. The 52nd volume of the Socialist Register presents a serious calibration and a careful political mapping of these forces. It addresses pivotal questions on the reordering of the new right.

    These essays – very broad in terms of themes and places – speak to the global challenges the new right poses for the left at this historical moment. 

    - What is the nature of the right's populism, nationalism and militarism? 
    - What is the social base and organizational strength and range of far right political forces? 
    - To what extent are they influencing mainstream parties and opinion? 
    - How have they penetrated state institutions?
    - What role do state security services and police forces play?
    - Does our political situation today require comparison with 1930s Fascism? 
    - How should the left respond to defend democratic and human rights?



    Liz Fekete:
    Neoliberalism and popular racism: the shifting shape of the European right; Richard Seymour: Ukip and the crisis of Britain; Michael Löwy & Francis Sitel: The far right in France: the Front National in European perspective; Walter Baier: Europe at the crossroads: right populism and reactionary rebellion; Geoff Eley: Fascism then and now; G.M. Tamás: Ethnicism after nationalism: the roots of the new European right; Richard Saull: Capitalism and the politics of the far right; Alexander Buzgalin & Andre Kolgonov: Russia and Ukraine: oligarchic capitalism, conservative statism and right nationalism; Aijaz Ahmad: India: Liberal democracy and the extreme right; David Moore: An arc of authoritarianism in Africa: toward the end of a liberal democratic dream?; Alfredo Saad-Filho & Armando Boito: Brazil: the failure of the PT and the rise of the 'new right'; Gavan McCormack: Chauvinist nationalism in Japan's schizophrenic state; Avishai Ehrlich: Israel's hegemonic right; Doug Henwood: The American right: from margins to mainstream; Bill Fletcher, Jr.: 'Stars and Bars': understanding right-wing populism in the USA; Stefan Kipfer & Parastou Saberi: The times and spaces of right populism: from Paris to Toronto; Lesley Wood: Policing with impunity; Reg Whitaker: The surveillance state; Andreas Karitzis: The dilemmas and potentials of the left: learning from Syriza.

    ISBN. 978-0-85036-713-3
    Paperback 400 pages
    Published October 2015