• PCF: Determination to keep alive the values
  • “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”

  • 08 Jan 15
  • A call is launched to all the Republican forces to unite their forces in front of the Barbary that hit today the CHARLIE HEBDO’s team.

    The barbaric bloodshed whose victims are the editors of the periodical CHARLIE HEBDO lets us horrified and painful and calls for a powerful answer on national level.

    Pierre Laurent and the national leadership of the French Communist Party call for the national unity of all the republican forces against barbarity. When a Newspaper becomes such a target, when lives whose only passion was information and freedom of all expressions are massacred, every one of us is becoming this same target; the whole Republic is struck in its heart. The authors of this abject crime must be arrested and judged.

    Our thoughts are with the victims, with their families, with their relatives, with their close friends. This morning the terrorists tried to shut the mouth of the World of caricaturists, humourists, of those who are in love with life. Our sorrow is even greater because of the brotherly relationships we had with the sketchers and cartoonists of CHARLIE HEBDO, in particular at the “Fête de l’Humanité”.

    Today, the time is to gather so many forces and citizens as possible around the republican values. By millions, let us demonstrate in the whole country our determination to keep alive the values “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”

    The Communist militants, the Communist and Republican elected persons, shall participate to any initiative taken during the next days which will allow the unity of the whole Nation, in a spirit of confidence in our people gathered around the main thing, without any distinction between philosophical and political thoughts or religious convictions.

    We call to refuse any amalgam or stigmatisation, to firmly reject all the appeals to hatred and racism.



    Paris, 7 January 2015