• Seminar
  • Labour and Technology

  • 14 Sep 17
  • Should the left strive towards a techno-utopian liberation from labour or should it, conversely, devote itself towards inventing and facilitating an alternative, non-capitalist societal recognition of human labour, one that would run even against technological progress?

    Or is it precisely this increasingly unassailable complex of automation that offers possibilities for new forms of self-control and self-deliberation? Such and similar dilemmas may seem distant now, but as they quite probably imply radically divergent fighting strategies, it would make sense to draw a conclusion as soon as possible.

    The seminar “Labour and Technology” on 6 October is one starting point to do so.

    It is organized by the Institute of Labour Studies, Slovenia, in collaboration with transform! europe and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Europe.

    Working language: English

    Contact: info@delavske-studije.si

    Website: www.delavske-studije.si/labour-and-technology