• Altersummit: Another Europe Now!

  • 04 Sep 12 Posted under: Alter Summit
  • The face of Europe is changing with dire consequences for citizens and for the future of the European project itself. What we experience today is the most serious denial of democracy since the end of World War II. European citizens are subjected to punitive policies although it is obvious that the crisis is caused by neoliberal policies applied in the interest of the financial markets and the big companies and in complicity of political leaders who were supposed to control them.

    We say "Enough"! We no longer accept these policies. We want to improve the European social model and defend the people, not banks, corporations, and their main shareholders. What is lacking today is a balance of power to implement alternatives. The alter-summit we call for will be a first step towards achieving these goals.

    Contact: info@altersummit.eu

    Sign the Call on the website: www.altersummit.eu

    Please refer to "media files" on the right for the documentation of the first big preparation meeting of the Altersummit in March 2012.

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