• A Comeback of Politics in the Finnish General Elections

  • 16 Jun 11
  • The people of Finland have spoken: a landslide victory for the nationalist-traditionalist True Finns, who got 19 % of votes (+14.9 %) and 39 seats (+34) in the 200-seat parliament, while all the other parties were losers.   Who are the True Finns? First of all, they are a protest party against...
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  • Spring Social Conference

  • 10 May 11
  • On March 10 and 11, representatives of national and European trade unions and of NGOs and social networks from 15 EU countries (from both East and West) met for the first Spring Social Conference. The conference aims to bring together each year before the Spring European Summit a broad range of...
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  • Models of Capitalism in Europe

  • 20 Mar 11
  • Seminar of the Dynamo-Group hosted by transform! europe, Paris, 18-19 March 2011 Publication: A triumph of failed ideas. European models of capitalism in the crisis
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