• 100 Years Enrico Berlinguer
  • Enrico Berlinguer and 21st-Century Socialism

  • Von Guido Liguori | 24 May 22
  • Secretary of the Italian Communist Party (PCI) from 1972 to 1984, Enrico Berlinguer has been long known for two broad political initiatives he introduced in the 1970s: at the level of domestic politics, the compromesso storico (the historical compromise); and, at the international level, Eurocommunism. On 25 May, we celebrate his 100th birthday.
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  • Analyse
  • Die Linke in Europa

  • Von Barbara Steiner | 23 May 22
  • Jean-Luc Mélenchon landete knapp hinter Marin Le Pen an dritter Stelle in der 1. Runde der Präsidentschaftswahlen in Frankreich, Sinn Féin wurde zur stimmenstärksten Partei in Nordirland, und Syriza bereitet sich auf einen Wiedereintritt in die griechische Regierung vor. Barbara Steiner gibt einen Überblick zur Stärke linker Parteien in Europa.
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  • Recordings
  • ¡No pasarán! 2022 International Conference

  • 19 May 22
  • The ¡No pasarán! conference brought together activists and experts from Europe and beyond to plan the most effective ways of challenging the far right. They shared experiences, analyses, and strategies for mobilisation and action. Find here the workshops' recordings!
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Kommende Veranstaltungen

  • Internationale Konferenz
  • Socialism in Our Time

  • 10 Juni 2022 - 11 Juni 2022 |   Berlin
  • Jacobin magazine und transform! europe laden Sie im sommerlichen Berlin zu zwei Tagen anregender Debatte ein. Kommen Sie dazu, wenn führende linke Stimmen aus Europa und Nordamerika auf Englisch und Deutsch darüber sprechen, wie ein Sozialismus von heute aussehen kann.
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Energy bills increase - this is how the market is (not) working

Are your energy bills increasing? Wondering why?

It's because the market is rigged and Big Energy Companies are selling renewable energy at the price of expansive fossil fuels.

It's time to change the system! Join the Power to the People campaign for the Right to Energy, initiated by The Left in the European Parliament.

So schnell tickt die CO₂-Uhr

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    transform! europe‘s 2021 Yearbook, Capitalism's Deadly Threat, focusing on capitalism's devastating impact on the world ecosystem as well as the concomitant economic crisis.

  • This eDossier provides the contributions of the speakers and the participants of the last Strategic Seminar. Hosted by transform! europe together with the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation, the annual event aims to serve as a space of timely debates for the...

  • transform! europe Podcasts

  • 19 Nov 20
  • transform! europe's online interview series "The Left Reflects" with Luciana Castellina, Alex Demirović, Nancy Fraser, Leo Panitch, Gayatri Spivak, and Hilary Wainwright now available as podcast – in cooperation with Austrian left-wing platform Mosaik.
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