• Three suggestions for a discussion upon strategy
  • Left Party, Now What?

  • Von Mario Candeias | 08 Jan 20
  • Apart from analysing the Left Party in Germany (DIE LINKE), the author's proposals could easily apply to many of our left parties in Europe.
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  • Diese Publikation ist die Dokumentation des von transform! und der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung im Juni 2019 organisierten Seminars, unmittelbar nach den Europawahlen.

  • Papers presented and discussed during a workshop in March 2019 at the Nicos Poulatzas Institute, Athens.


Können rechte Parteien mit einer nationalistischen und populistischen Agenda auch in den großen Staaten der EU an die Macht kommen? Welche Herausforderungen bringt das für die Linke?

This concept of the Common is becoming increasingly meaningful to those who are struggling for a social transformation that coincides with ecological transition. transform! europe aims to support research on the forms of these struggles and their connection to the concept of the Commons.


"The times they 're a-changing"

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