• Natural Gas – No Solution for Climate Change

  • Von Frida Kieninger | 19 Mar 19
  • In times of an urgent climate crisis and climate movements, the calls for alternatives to dirty fossil fuels become louder and louder. The biggest climate enemies we know about so far are oil and coal. They emit considerable amounts of CO2 and we will inevitably have to stop using them to keep global temperatures within livable ranges.
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  • Speech at the ¡No Pasaran! Conference
  • The Reactionary Rebellion

  • Von Walter Baier | 18 Mar 19
  • The experiences in Hungary, Poland, Austria and elsewhere make clear the antidemocratic character of these right-wing extremist parties, which, once in government, infiltrate the state apparatus in order to take precautions against their being deprived of power again. Is it possible to speak, in a scientific sense, of a fascist danger in Europe?
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  • At the 2018 Summer University of transform! europe and the European Left Party in Vienna, the discussion regarding the best monetary system for the EU represents one of the most hotly discussed debates in left circles - hardly surprising, given the...

  • As in past years, transform! europe supports the EuroMemo Group in producing the printed versions of EuroMemorandum.


Noch ist unklar, wie die linken und progressiven Kräfte ihre Kandidatur und ihren Europa-Wahlkampf anlegen werden. Ein Themenschwerpunkt zum Dialog der europäischen linken Kräfte und Akteur_innen.

Können rechte Parteien mit einer nationalistischen und populistischen Agenda auch in den großen Staaten der EU an die Macht kommen? Welche Herausforderungen bringt das für die Linke?

New social actors pose new challenges to organisational structures for political action.


Columnist Mehdi Hasan on media hypocrisy on New Zealand Mass shooting (AM Joy, MSNBC);