• transform! Yearbook 2018
  • Integration – Disintegration – Nationalism

  • 02 Mar 18
  • In 2017 the cohesion of the European Union has come under threat as never before. Populist-right anti-European parties have either entered governments or come close to doing so. The Brexit process is going forward, and the integrity of some states is being threatened by secessionist movements.

    The transform! yearbook 2018 examines who actually voted for the populist right in France and Austria and reviews the evolution of the European project from the Cold War through the end of east-west system competition and Maastricht’s establishment of economic governance. Authors from across Europe analyse the system’s tendency to produce divergence and consider strategies for reforming or dismantling it or for single-country exit with its difficulties and ironies.

    transform! 2018 is the fourth of an annual series reporting on and analysing European political and social developments.

    The book is available in English and French. Editions in German,Greek and Italian will follow soon.


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    Integration – Disintegration – Nationalism. transform! 2018
    Edited by Walter Baier, Eric Canepa and Eva Himmelstoss

    Merlin Press Ltd
    www.merlinpress.co.uk | Direct link here
    ISBN 978-0-85036-739-3
    298 pages, soft cover

    Published February 2018

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    Walter Baier, Eric Canepa, Eva Himmelstoss: Integration – Disintegration – Nationalism

    Europe, the World, and the Left

    Gregor Gysi: Europe – Its Fault Lines and Future

    Samir Amin – interviewed by Walter Baier

    Jan Kavan: Europe at the Crossroads

    Veronika Sušová-Salminen: From Universalism to Diversity – How to Live in the Post-Western World of Hybrids

    Confronting ‘Governance’ and Exit – Whither the European Union?

    Leonardo Paggi: Maastricht as a ‘Civilisation’ – Historical Fragments of an Oligarchical Culture

    Ilona Švihlíková: 150 Years After Capital – The EU’s Economic Reforms

    Joachim Bischoff: Endless Recovery?

    Marisa Matias and José Gusmão: The European Union – History, Tragedy, and Farce

    Axel Troost: Left Alternatives for Fostering Solidarity in Europe

    Marica Frangakis: The Multiple Aspects of EU Exit and the Future of the Union

    John Grahl: Brexit – Towards the Precipice

    Erhard Crome: The EU, NATO, and the OSCE

    Right and Left Populism – Elections and Security Policy

    Walter Baier: Between Two Crises? – The 2017 Austrian Elections from a European Perspective

    Yann Le Lann and Antoine de Cabanes: France Insoumise versus the Front National – The Differences Between Far-Right and Left-wing Populism

    Friedrich Burschel: Right-wing Shift – Fast Forward

    Rafał Pankowski: The Internationalisation of Nationalism and the Mainstreaming of Hate – The Far Right in Poland

    Dirk Burczyk: Left Security Policy – Navigating Between the Pathos of Civil Rights and the Lived Realities of Voters

    The Battle Over Public History – Anti-fascism and the New Totalitarianism Discourse

    Haris Golemis: Rejecting Historical Revisionism in Practice – Greece’s Minister of Justice Boycotts the Tallinn Conference on the Victims of Communism

    An Exchange of Letters Between the Greek and Estonian Ministers of Justice

    Leonardo Paggi: Memory as an Apparatus

    Thilo Janssen: The Dangerous Conservative Totalitarianism Discourse in the EU

    Two Anniversaries: 150 Years of Marx’s Capital – 100 Years after the Hungarian Soviet Republic

    Lutz Brangsch, Radhika Desai, Ingo Schmidt, Claude Serfati, and Patrick Bond: Marx, Hilferding and Finance Capital – A Roundtable on the Continued Relevance of an Old Book

    Lajos Csoma: The Hungarian Soviet Republic – Revolutionary Movements in Hungary in 1918-1919

    The Christian-Marxist Dialogue

    Walter Baier: Dialogue of Critical Minorities

    Luciana Castellina: Pope Francis and the Opening of a Christian-Marxist Dialogue

    Michael Löwy: The Left and Christian Nonviolent Consensus

    Piero Coda: For a Nonviolent Style of Thinking