• Conference Report
  • Protecting Children Against Violence

  • 22 Nov 18
  • The topic of protecting children against violence is very actual all over the world. About the importance of this topic talks also a huge range of surveys, which verify that children have experiences with all types of violence. Therefore, transform! europe supported the Conference, aiming a multidisciplinary coordination of different entities.
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  • Analysis
  • Gloomy Perspectives for Climate Change

  • Gitte Pedersen | 08 Nov 18
  • Not so long ago there was an agreement upon that we should keep the global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius to avoid the major climate disaster. In the global climate agreement from 2015, the Paris agreement, it was formulated that the global average temperature must be kept well under 2°C....
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  • Analysis
  • The People’s Budget

  • Paola Giaculli | 02 Nov 18
  • Breaking with EU austerity politics does not necessarily imply a departure from neoliberal politics. The struggle between EU austerity and ‘popular sovereignty’ is a quandary from which left-wing politics should disengage.
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