• Red-Green Alliance's Globalisation Programme
  • A Green Earth With Peace And Room For Us All

  • 09 Aug 19
  • Draft Globalization programme submitted by the National Board of the Red-Green Alliance/Enhedslisten, Denmark, to the party’s next Annual Congress on 5 - 6 October. It is a programmatic text about global development.
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  • Talk
  • Considerations on the European Elections

  • Walter Baier | 26 Jul 19
  • The GUE /NGL and EL suffered a defeat. Except for some notable exceptions – Portugal, Slovenia, and Belgium – and our having maintained significant electoral strength in Greece and Cyprus we lost across the board. Moreover, we must acknowledge that except for the Czech Republic we have no MEPs in the vast space of Central and Eastern Europe.
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  • Neoliberalism is considered a key paradigm and a building block of post-communist transformation - but often approached linearly, as a transition from and to. However, such linearity ignores its hybrid and discontinuous representations in the very...

  • Contributions of the annual strategic seminar of transform! europe and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.


Can right-wing parties with a nationalist and populist agenda come into power even in the core of the EU? Of which character is the challenge they are posing to the Left?

New social actors pose new challenges to organisational structures for political action.


Colours of a Journey

Colours of a Journey
(CoJ) is a digital archive of memories of migration. It's creation was inspired by an exhibition organised by the Italian cultural association ARC and displayed during the annual Sabir Festival of Cultures, 2016, taking place in Palermo. The platform hosts paintings by newcomer children around Europe, envisioning their past, present and future and helps reception facilities to organize and host workshops and exhibitions with the materials gathered. As art is a medium that bridges linguistic and cultural barriers and images are often more effective than words to communicate complex experiences and emotions, CoJ is designed to collect and exhibit paintings and illustrations as well as to create a space where questions like "Why did these people leave their homes? What does their life look like now? What kind of a future do they envision for themselves?" are answered by the newcomers themselves.

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The exhibition was featured in the court of Comunità Ellenica Siciliana Trinacria.

The programmeof the Sabir Festival of Cultures 2018 can be found here


Video by: Amalia Pop