• Open Letter
  • Respect for Historical Memory in Europe

  • 09 Nov 19
  • The board of transform! europe launches the following open letter regarding the resolution 'Europe must remember its past to build its future', adopted by the majority of the European Parliament – rejected by the GUE/NGL group.
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  • Elections
  • Hope for Polish Left?!

  • Gavin Rae , Czesław Kulesza | 22 Oct 19
  • The 2019 Polish parliamentary elections were held on 13 October 2019. All 460 members of the Sejm and 100 senators of the Senate were elected. The ruling PiS win the elections, far-right enters the parliament, whilst the left returns to parliament.
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  • Neoliberalism is considered a key paradigm and a building block of post-communist transformation - but often approached linearly, as a transition from and to. However, such linearity ignores its hybrid and discontinuous representations in the very...

  • Contributions of the annual strategic seminar of transform! europe and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.


Can right-wing parties with a nationalist and populist agenda come into power even in the core of the EU? Of which character is the challenge they are posing to the Left?

This concept of the Common is becoming increasingly meaningful to those who are struggling for a social transformation that coincides with ecological transition. transform! europe aims to support research on the forms of these struggles and their connection to the concept of the Commons.




GUE/NGL MEPs Özlem Demirel & Nikolaj Villumsen send a message of solidarity to Rojava people from The Left in the European Parliament


Video by: GUE/NGL