• 14 June 2023 - 14 June 2023
  • Rome
  • Venue:
    Casa Internazionale delle Donne
    (International Women’s House)
    Via della Lungara, 19
    00165 Rome

  • Building a Political Alternative for Europe
  • Peace, Fights, Left, Right - In Italy and in Europe

  • These are the key issues of the meeting that transform! europe is presenting in Rome on 14 June, inviting representatives of left-wing political forces, including Walter Baier (President of the Party of the European Left), Manon Aubry (Co-President of the European Parliamentary Group of the Left) and Michele Santoro (organiser of the Peace Raley).

    This gathering aims to assess the state of the left in Europe, with participants from various countries, such as Spain, Germany, Portugal, France, Greece, Poland, Finland, the Czech Republic, and Italy.

    Peace, Fights, Left, Right - In Italy and in Europe

    Wednesday, 14 June, 18:30 (CET)

    Casa Internazionale delle Donne (International Women’s House), Via della Lungara, 19, 00165 Rome

    Despite the diverse circumstances and conditions, the common objective is to establish a political alternative at both local and continental levels, addressing urgent crises related to health, energy, climate, humanitarian issues, economics, and social affairs. Responding to the arms race and military escalation is crucial, regardless of differing views on the war in Ukraine.

    Europe's numerous crises, if left unaddressed, contribute to the rise of right-wing forces. Italy serves as an exemplar of this trend, where economic choices favoring local and national powers, shared by both the Right and the PD, result in environmental disasters, increased inequality, and injustice.

    In light of these challenges, movements fighting for justice, such as the protests against raising the retirement age in France, along with environmental, peace, and feminist mobilisations, are vital components that need to be united. The goal is to provide effective solutions and the necessary strength to initiate a critical change in direction.

    To further these efforts, transform! europe has organised the 'Future Factory' forum in Rome from June 15 to 18. This event will host a series of meetings, workshops, seminars, and assemblies, gathering movements and influential figures from Europe and beyond. The aim is to envision a secure future based on improved living conditions, free from militarisation and barriers. Find out more about the Future Factory here.


Interpretation: English and Italian, allowing for simultaneous interpretation during the event.


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