• Petition “Stop the Conflict!”
  • Ukraine: Angry Women Take Part

  • 14 May 14
  • Historical experience has very often proved that the crisis that are persistent and non resolved lead to war, as if it were the only means of getting through the conflicts which are launched by a change in the battle of wills, in order to settle a new international order.

    We are strictly opposed to the fact that the United States with the European Union behind export their own crisis, incapable as they are of overcoming it at home and  thus imposing their imperialistic hegemony over the whole planet, provoking wars and destroying entire countries. After Afghanistan Pakistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, this time it is the turn of Ukraine.

    We accuse the media of shamelessly supporting and stirring up such hostility and systematic disinformation when dealing both with the real representatives responsible for such a situation and the true process which caused such destabilization of Ukraine. Russia is in no way the instigator but is actually the target of a campaign of Russia-phobia without precedent, or other choice for Russia.

    The role of the media has become decisive when it comes down to paralyzing the capacity of thinking of the populations and from here in France, we have come to question the stunning silence of most of the left wing parties.

    Are we afraid of being accused of belonging to the Stalinist old guard or of disturbing the European elections? But even more important is the possibility of an implementation of a Transatlantic Treaty (TAFTA) by the United States and the European Union?

    In all ways such silence places us under the dictatorship of the dominant ideology and makes us its accomplices. We definitely denounce the enrolment of the nations under the banner of the US and NATO.

    Our stance does not mean that we approve of what could be happening in Russia concerning both the abuse of power and the choice of capitalism as a way out. Our criticism will not prevent us from being aware of what is really at stake in Ukraine.

    We encourage all women and men to keep themselves informed beyond the usual media and draw on all kinds of sources, take sides against war, against the murderous imperialism of the United States and the devastating policy of the European Union, for the possibility and the rights of the people to decide on their fate and lives without being menaced or forced upon, while a genuine and widespread dialogue between the different populations should be more largely supported.


    Contact: appelukraine@gmail.com

    Sign at:http://www.change.org/fr/p%C3%A9titions/dirigeants-mondiaux-stop-conflit-en-ukraine-2


    First Signatories:

    Beatrice Aliverti, dipendente pubblica, DirettivoFP CGIL (Como, Italia)

    Naïla Al Wardi, traductrice, artiste peintre, militante féministe (Tunisie)

    Danila Baldo, docente (Lodi, Italia)

    Imma Barbarossa, IFE Italia/FAE (Bari, Italia)

    Giuliana Beltrame, (Padova, Italia)

    Fausta Bicchierai, portavoce nodo di ALBA (Como, Italia)

    Luisa Carminati, pensionata per età e partigiana per ideali (Bergamo, Italia)

    Silvana Cesani (Lodi, Italia) 

    Solange Cidreira, militante féministe FAE – Féministes pour une autre Europe  (France) 

    Cinzia Colombo, dipendente comunale (Gallarate, Italia)

    Ylenia Da Valle, ricercatrice precaria (Lucca, Italia) 

    Nicole Duval, retraitée (Paris, France)

    Silvia Dradi, coordinatrice Comunità di minori, femminista di IFE Italia/FAE (Bergamo, Italia)

    Bernadette Ebode Ondobo, militante associative PARITE (France)

    Eleonora Forenza, ricercatrice (Bari, Italia) 

    Emanuela Garibaldi (Lodi, Italia)

    Gabriella Gemmo Duse, donna , madre, insegnante, femminista attivista per  la pace , il dialogo, il rispettodei dritti di tutte e tutti e della terra che ci ospita (Bergamo, Italia)

    Nicoletta Gini, associata IFE Italia/FAE (Capannori, Italia)

    Chiara Giunti, bibliotecaria, portavoce ALBA (Firenze, Italia)

    Anita Giuriato, assessora, vice- présidente IFE Italia /FAE (Carnate, Italia)

    Monika Karbowska, historienne, féministe FAE et EFI Polska (France, Pologne)

    Isabel Korolitski, psychanalyste, (Paris, France)

    Maria José Malheiros, fonctionnaire (Paris, France)

    Graziella Mascia, presidente AltraMente (Roma, Italia)

    Judit Morva, économiste, FAE Hongrie (Budapest, Hongrie)

    Roberta Morosini (Lodi, Italia)

    Anna Picciolini (Firenze, Italia)

    Nicoletta Pirotta, pubblico impiego, présidente IFE Italia/FAE (Como, Italia)

    Josette Rome Chastanet, biologiste, féministe FAE, représentante de la Fédération Mondiale des Travailleurs Scientifiques à Unesco (Paris, France)

    Nina Sankari, présidente de EFI Polska (Varsovie, Polska)

    Patrizia Sentinelli, associazionismo sociale (Roma, Italia)

    Anita Sonego, Presidente Commissione Pari Opportunitá Comune di Milano (Milano, Italia)

    Peggy-Inès Sultan, professeur d’anglais, cofondatrice du journal féministe et marxiste « Elles voient rouge » (Paris, France)

    Céline Tesson-Yahioune, enseignante, féministe et militante au MRAP (France)

    Nicole-Edith Thévenin, philosophe, psychanalyste, cofondatrice du journal féministe et marxiste « Elles voient rouge » (France)

    Marie-Hélène Tissot, militante féministe (Paris, France)

    Maria Pia (Mapi) Trevisani, tesoriera IFE Italia/FAE (Bergamo, Italia)

    Monique Vézinet, militante associative (Paris, France)