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  • PROJEKT A - A Journey to Anarchist Projects in Europe

  • 07 Jan 16 Posted under: Culture and Art
  • We recommend an interesting film project, "PROJEKT A", a documentary about anarchist projects in Europe, which has its premiere at the Volksbühne in Berlin on 2nd February and its theatrical release in Germany on 4th February.

    Synopsis: Financial crises and streams of refugees, social inequality and ecological catastrophes, terrorism and war - like a bullet train, Western civilization is speeding towards a wall. The governments apparently aren't able to solve people's problems - Aren't they even part of the problem? Are there any alternatives?

    PROJEKT A shows: another world is possible. Be it the anarchy-influenced district Exarchia in Athens, anti-nuclear power protests in Germany, a Catalan cooperative, the world's largest anarcho-syndicalist union in Spain or the Kartoffelkombinat, a cooperative in Munich.

    These activists have visions, independent of national structures, based on equal rights and for the public good.

    Interested people out of Germany can contact the film crew for screenings.


    Website: www.projekta-film.net

    English Trailer vimeo.com/149634905 

    German Trailer: vimeo.com/149634883

    Presskit: www.dropoutcinema.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Projekt-A-PRESSKIT.zip

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