• Declaration of the Political Secretariat of SYRIZA, 5 May
  • No to blackmailing – The Greek People’s mandate is nonnegotiable

  • 07 May 15 Posted under: Greece
  • The Political Secretariat in the last meeting unanimously decided the following:

    1. The Government, staying faithful to the popular mandate of the 25th of January regarding the abolition of the memorandum policies and austerity, defends the interests of the country, the popular sovereignty and the democracy.

    It defends the inalienable right of a people to determine itself its own fate.

    2. From the 20 February agreement and onwards, the lenders backed by some domestic and foreign Media, have tried to deconstruct the difficult compromise that have been made and to blackmail the new government in order to implement the policies for which the Samaras government voted down.

    3. The government’s red lines are also the Greek people’s red lines.They are the necessary precondition for exiting the crisis in a context of social justice and development. The effort on behalf of extreme parts of the lenders and the effort of the domestic memorandum establishment to undermine the attempt for a viable solution and to blackmail for new austerity measures and recession is inconceivable.

    4. SYRIZA stand by the side of the Government, so as the majority of the citizens does regardless of their party origin.We want the people to be part of the current affairs, to struggle and claim their rights. We want the people to be part of the things that concern them. The people will define and judge the future of this place.

    5. SYRIZA is addressing an invitation of collusion and common struggle of all the European progressive social and political forces who oppose to the neoliberal strategy of austerity. Against the blackmailing and the applied pressures, we stress solidarity and democracy.


    Main points on the negotiations with the Eurogroup, made by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at the Cabinet meeting held on 12 May 2015: click here.

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